Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) is run by Fashion Week (Fiji) Limited (FWL) a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Fiji in January, 2009.

The company’s primary objective is to create a world class fashion week event which helps nurture, develop and promote individual stakeholders in Fiji’s fashion industry.

The FJFW brand is gathering significant momentum as it capitalizes upon regional interest in both emerging fashion and the wondrous tropical setting. Fiji is blessed with not only an outstanding geographical endowment (the land and sea) but also a unique and highly attractive cultural system (the people). Combined, these elements produce an ideal setting for an iconic event such as fashion week. It's "Fashion in Paradise!"

Note though that fashion weeks are a global phenomena. The crème de la crème of the Australian and New Zealand fashion scene are already actively participating in FJFW. Further, designers from as far away as the US, India, China and Western Europe have all expressed interest!

Fiji’s first ever Fashion Week between the 4th to the 6th of December, 2008 at the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Denarau was lauded a huge success.

Celebrated by the press, international guests and designers, the overwhelming consensus was that the inaugural event was a fantastic foundation on which to build.

“Better than Moscow Fashion week. Good as other first timers…don’t stop here!” (Neville Findlay – Zambesi designer/owner).

The 2009 event was then held between the 3-6 December at Albert Park in Suva. The show drew huge interest from designers, models, sponsors and the community at large. Notably, Kookai, a leading Australian fashion brand identified one of our emerging local designers (“Second Chance”) as having the potential to compete on the world stage.


2014 was a big year for Suva and FJFW, we were welcoming the Grand Pacific Hotel affectionately known as the 'Grand Old Lady' back with open arms after being closed for more than 20 years and GPH was celebrating its 100th birthday which is why FJFW was held at such a historic site. We welcomed back Philipa Steele back onto the catwalk before she went off to the States to pursue her modelling contract with Trump Model Agency and our local and internatioanal designers did not dissapoint. We almost managed to raise $17,000 for our Charity Chest for Dilkusha Home. 

This is what Fashion Week is all about – recognizing talent, fostering that talent and exploring the related commercial opportunities.

Improved resources, planning, and a best practice approach have now set FWL on course to become the premier event on Fiji’s social calendar and to launch the careers of aspiring fashion designers and models.

FJFW aspires to promote the active involvement of savvy local and overseas designers who wish to project their creativity. FJFW also facilitates the involvement of international fashion buyers and those right across the South Pacific Asia region. This is their opportunity to find a new and contemporary style that will inspire both them and their customers.