Fiona Matutu

Marion Howard


Tauariki Wear started from humble beginnings. It is a home-based

business in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. My driving force behind

starting up a clothing line came from my children. I needed to find

something I loved to do, something not only unique but something

that shows my identity as a cook Islander.

Art and fashion were among my first passions and hobbies, with

no sort of knowledge of textile painting and fashion design but

with passion for fashion and natural God given talents I created

Tauariki Wear. The name Tauariki is my 2nd given name which

I thought would be fitting to name my clothing line after, as this

line will be a representation of myself and what I am passionate


A big part of our identity is expressed through our cultural attire.

Woman of the pacific particularly our Cook Islands woman love

to dress in our island prints and styles. My business is modest and

Cook Islands style, but at the same time it is very versatile in that

it caters for individuals from all walks of life.

My clothing are all hand- painted/printed in Rarotonga. I love

my island and my culture therefore my outfits capture the beauty

of my homeland, colors used are bright and vibrant that reflect

our Polynesian people. The designs and prints are inspired by the

natural environment around us.

Facebook has been my only source of exposure to the outside

world. I have been involved in local fashion shows and events

namely Miss Cook Islands, Mr Flex cook islands to name a couple

but would love to experience being on the international stage. My

dream is to one day fulfil my vision to successfully market my work

all over the pacific.