Hupfeld Hoerder

Hupfeld Hoerder is of Rotuman- German descend and was raised in Fiji. He has over twenty five years of experience in the Fashion Industry in Fiji. He had begun designing whilst pursuing his undergraduate studies at University, with just making simple shift dresses to casual resort wear, slowly the demand grew for more formal gowns and bridal wear incorporating authentic fibre with a westernized design and this eventually lead into haute couture category. 

His garments are exclusive designs and on made-to-measure mode. He does textile designs, where he has created fabric designs for Fiji National Athletes that had represented in Olympic and Commonwealth games, with some other major organizations in Fiji. He has won many awards over the years, some of these are "National Fashion and Business Awards, Fiji Fashion Week, Fiji Day Fashion Show and many more." In 2008, he was the only designer in the Pacific that was represented at the “First Islands of the World Fashion Week” and was a finalist for both major categories in Cultural Wear and Eco-Wear. He has had represented Fiji at “Style Pasifika Fashion Show” in New Zealand as part of the “Real New Zealand Festival” and the Rugby World Cup in October 2011.

 He has started manufacturing a limited edition line targeting the affluent market and started distributed them at selective outlets in Fiji. In the near future he would like to tap into the international market. My accolades of awards both national and international and participation in international and local fashion shows have given me many opportunities and exposure. I now have established a niche market with Fijians and other Pacific Islanders leaving overseas where I have sent exclusive garments and hand painted fabrics as far as the US, Brussels, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Germany and many more.