Moira Solvalu John

8 Mountain's motto is: Imagine! Create! Believe! 8 Mountains was established on the runway of Fiji Fashion Week 2009, 8 Mountains is a contemporary fashion label that proves that if you can imagine it, then nothing is impossible.

From the actual design-graphics to the finished product, you are guaranteed Exlcusivity, with an touch of Classic Fijian Pride. Established Designer Siblings Moira Solvalu John and David Solvalu boldly represent their Polynesian/Fijian heritage through the recreation of Fijian Motifs that whispers a sense of adventure and palettes that signify, pure Pacific flamboyancy.

This Fijian Designer Label always has a black and gold signature piece in every collection. Black to represent the days when they had nothing by a dream, and Gold to remind the siblings to forever be optimistic in a competitive industry.

8 Mountains has won 2015 Fiji Week's Children's Designer of the Year and Fiji Development Banks SME's manufacturing Award in the Partnership Category.