Bloggers, keeping up with global trends

 Published in The Fiji Times 

By Talebula Kate 

Saturday May 16th 


FASHION blogging in general gives people access to fashion shows all over the globe and for those in Fiji, it's the Pacific brand, says Fashion Council of Fiji chairman Faraz Ali.

"It's a global community, it brings global trends and events to our shores. Take for example Fashion Throne Fiji covered the MET Gala LIVE through their Facebook page giving their critique on celebrity hits and misses. This is what we're growing, we're trying to raise the profile and standards of the industry in the Pacific," Mr Ali said.

Fashion Throne Fiji are a group of five individuals with unique fashion sense who have been consistently styling, blogging for designers, photographers and now making the shift into travel blogging.

FJFW managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight said top bloggers were in demand and they commanded as much attention as the fashion editors of the top magazines.

"Bloggers are the new celebrities of the fashion industry, they are an absolute necessity for the front row, and a fashion show is now only as good as the bloggers that are in attendance, they now have the privilege of covering these fashion events and make a living out of this, " said Ms Whippy-Knight.

The fashion scene/industry has home-grown stylists who have their own blogs with their stamp of style and flair.

Mario Basilio is a stylist who is a social media marketer who blogs and uses social media platforms to help businesses market their brands.

He is a socialite that covers events in and around Fiji. He may not be a writer but he is using social media to make a living.

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