A Bold Issue

By Torika Tokalau

Published in The Fiji Times, Wednesday April 30th, 2014 



 TWO students of Marist Brothers High School have taken it upon themselves to  portray the issue of racism in the fashionindustry on to their garments in next  month's Fiji Fashion Week.

 Specifically, Seci Burese and Andre Marseu want to address racism in modelling  agencies.
 After researching the topic, the Year 12 students found that on average, there  was one dark skinned model in every fashion show worldwide.
"As history students, we had a topic based on cultural interaction in South Africa. We thought today, in the fashion industry, there is still racism from modelling  agencies.
"It's an epic task to transfer that subject on to clothes and catwalk but we have
immense support from the school."
Andre Marseu (left) Seci Burese (right)


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