Burton campaigns for women empowerment

 Published in The Fiji Times (25/5/2015)

By Atasa Moceituba 

INTERNATIONAL designer Dena Burton is ready to take on the stage and showcase her collections in this year's Fiji Fashion Week show.

Ms Burton, who is among the 25 designers in this year's show, says she looks forward to the experience.

The Chicago, Illinois native said even though this was her first time at FJFW, she already felt at home.

She said women empowerment was something she strongly believed in and always advocated.

"The Dena Burton collection solidifies the concept of being for every woman; whether she is an executive board member or a woman aspiring to be more, a socialite and all those in between," Ms Burton said.

She said her success and rising popularity had fortified the brand's vision that women had the ability to do anything.

Fiji Fashion Week managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight said bringing in established designers such as Dena Burton would be a great learning experience for local designers.

"Bringing international designers here to Fiji is about the exchange of knowledge, we are facilitating an opportunity for our Fijian designers to take that knowledge on what it takes to market labels internationally and at the same time they gain perspective on what our island paradise's take is on fashion on how we interpret trends," Ms Whippy-Knight said.

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