Classic Inspiration

Published in The Fiji Times 14/3/15

by Talebula Kate


DRAWING his debut collection from a vintage black and white photo of his mother in her early 20s taken in the late 60s in New Zealand, emerging designer Afa Ah Loo is ready to let the world know of his take on fashion.

Mr Ah Loo is set to debut his collection line, Amioga Samoa, at the Fiji Fashion Week 2015.

He said "Amioga Samoa" meant Samoan attitude and was the name of his mother who passed away last year in August.

"But it is also inspired by the evolution of fashion here in Samoa, from more reserved looks to now an out-of-my-comfort-zone and vulnerable look," Mr Ah Loo said.

The Lotopo-based designer who has been doing fashion since high school said fashionistas could expect chic red carpet looks for his maiden collection.

Ah Loo, who also worked as a teacher and a marketing manager for a housing company in Samoa, spent his university years in Hawaii at Brigham Young University studying political science with a minor in computer science and he got a taste of costume making at his part time job.

"When I went to uni, I worked at the Polynesian cultural centre as a dancer and during the summer, I worked for the wardrobe section; that gave me experience with fashion specifically costume making," he said

Fiji Fashion kicks off on May 25 and VIP ticket presales begin this month.

For bookings, contact the FJFW office on 3301201

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