Creation through "print and pattern"

 Published in The Fiji Times 20/4/2015

by: Talebula Kate


INTERNATIONAL brand name, PANDANAH was created to tell new stories of a global culture communicating our similarities, beautiful differences and combined future through design ideas.

Nicole Monks and Cara Macini Geros, who are the dynamic duo behind the international label said in a statement, PANDANAH created a dialogue that acknowledged our land, where we come from and endeavour to be with a focus on mindful materials, contemporary tones, and "story telling" through print and pattern.

They will also be showcasing their label in this year's Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW15).

PANDANAH bridges the unique skills of two women, bringing together fine art, multimedia, fashion, textile and surface design.

The name PANDANAH is inspired by the pandanus leave.

A palm-like tree native to the old world tropics, it is used in both Aboriginal and Hawaiian cultures to make everyday objects like mat weaving, bags, household items, clothing and art.

The additional "ah" is for Australia and Hawaii, symbolising the collaborative.

"A commonality of our worlds, it symbolises our lifestyles intertwined with nature and art," the statement said.

Nicole, Aboriginal (Wajarri Yamatji), Dutch and English woman, founded black and white creative in 2011.

It's focused on conscious design, culture, sustainability and creative collaboration, aiming to promote cultural awareness and critical discourse through innovative interdisciplinary practice and creative projects with Aboriginal and non Aboriginal individuals and organisation PANADANAH was born from this initiative.

Nicole has been working in the design industry for over a decade, receiving accolades across many industries including fashion, interior design, art, set design, graphic design, photography, stylist, event manager and zine founder.

"We are surrounded by surface design, from the clothes we wear to the ground that we walk on, our environments are full of stories expressed through pattern," she said.

PANDANAH is an extension of her passion for the arts, love of our environment, enthusiasm for shared experience and culture.

For more of Cara's work, they design with a mindful approach, using natural fibres, sustainable materials, low impact dyes and processes.

Pandanah is storytelling through print and pattern using unique motifs and colourful intention.

Tickets now on sale can be purchased at the FJFW Office at 72 McGregor Rd.

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