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GOODMANFIELDER Renews Fashion Support

FIJI FASHION WEEK received a further boost today followingannouncement today that local food manufacture GOODMAN FIELDER would renew itssupport of the country’s premier event.

FJFW Managing Director Ellen Whippy-Knight said in a pressstatement on Monday 13 May that GFI support in the form of the CREST CHICKENSulu Jaba and Salwaar Kameez Competition and the TUCKERS ICE CREAM ChildrensWear show were indicative of the great relationship the two organisations haveforged.

“CREST CHICKEN is a brand which has honoured the traditionsand cultural heritage of this country given that the company has been servingquality foods in Fiji for a very long time,” Mrs Whippy-Knight said.

“Fiji Fashion Week’s work honours our cultural art and thetalent of Fiji’s creative people so our two companies believe in thedevelopment of Fiji.”

Goodman Fielder General Manager, Chris Zaayman  told FJFW it wassponsoring the company’s Childrens Wear activities in October as well as itsSulu Jaba and Salwaar Competition because it was committed to initiatives whichsupported Fiji families.

“The CREST CHICKEN Sulu Jaba and Salwaar Kameez Competitionsrespectively promote Fiji womens wear and the cultural heritage of Fiji’s womenso it is in line with our company’s goals to serve Fiji’s families,” Mr Zaaymansaid.

“Our company is known the wide variety of brands we makeand represent and our name is a quality you can trust. Fiji Fashion Week hasproven itself as a company which holds those same values so our partnership isa natural one.”

Mr Zaymaan added that Crest Chicken, in-line withGovernment initiatives encourage and promote small and medium businessenterprises and is confident this association with Fiji Fashion Week not onlygives locals a platform to bring out their creative designs and modellingtalents, but also the opportunity to expand into successful business ventures.

CREST CHICKEN has been a major supporter of fashion eventssince the establishment of Fiji Fashion Week 6 years ago, focusing ondeveloping activities which supported children and women. Each year its brandedevents are always the most popular on the FJFW calendar.

“FJFW has worked hard to develop the fashion industry inFiji and it has been a journey wrought with challenges,” Mrs Whippy Knightsaid.

“When international corporations like Goodman Fielderbelieve in us enough to sponsor us for year after year, it gives us to addedboost to continue working.”
“Our cause is simple, we believe that given the firm structure of ourmanufacturing industry, Fiji has the potential to also manufacture fashion forthe international market. After five years of showcasing the designers ofhundreds of local, regional and international designers, we know that ourcountry has a wealth of talented believe to create fashion fit for the world.”

“It has not been easy to get fashion to the stage where itnow supports careers, livelihoods and has created employment but more and morepeople are supporting the rejuvenation of this industry and so we are gratefulthat our sponsors are continuing to believe in us.  FJFW is excited to work with GoodmanFielder/Crest Chicken again and looks forward to another fun fabulous year offashion.”


Lice Rova, Public Relations Manager, Fiji Fashion Week Ltd. Tel:7088819/9951891

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