David Solomone, Fashion Throne of Fiji Reviews #FJFW16 Resort Wear



Opening the first night of Fashion Week was Robert Kennedy. When we talk about Robert Kennedys RKF Designs we think of Resort Wear, - the Sun, Sand and Surf. This years collection wasn't much of a "WOWZER" for me (and perhaps to many others as well). I felt it lacked color and that it was something that we've probably already seen from Robert. 

Prints has always been Mr Kennedys forte, but this year I wasn't quite sure about the whole sublimated fusion of what looked like shells, florals and micro-geometric prints. 
The collection, however, was cohesive on the runway and the head-pieces worked well with each look. Featuring a few pieces for men was great for our male fashionistas. 

Treasure by Mariah. I found this collection and the inspiration behind it a rather interesting one. Inspired by the Coconut, Careen (mother) and Mariah (daughter) showcased a rather shiny and earthy beachwear collection from bathing suits to two-piece bikinis. Each piece exiting onto the runway told a story. A story about Coconuts and its importance to the Pacific. 
With paternal ties to Fiji, Careen elaborated on the details - woven green coconut leaves sublimated onto syntax bathing suits. There were brown prints representing the husk of the coconuts and later in the collection were hints of white representing the coconut flesh and coconut milk. It was a great collection and one that would definitely sell. Congratulations Treasures by Mariah. 
Rako Designs - Sasi, Pera, Lagi was the concept of Letilas latest collection. Inspired by the Sea, Land and the Sky, Letilla designed this collection specifically for the fashion-forward women of the corporate world. Splashes of Red, Yellow and Blue  together with hints of brown spread across white linen and cotton was a smart play by our Routman designer showcasing looks a woman could wear to work, evening dinner and a night out. This was a step up from last years Resort Wear Collection but at the same time staying true to their 'Pacific Element' aesthetic. Faiaksia Rako. 
Not a stranger to our local Fashion industry, Yolla Johns label Va.Ga.Ya was one I thought could relate more to our teenagers and young adults. A mixture of seductive yet elegant designs, Yolla played it safe with an all-white sequined theme. It would be great to see Ms Johns create something out of her comfort zone and move away from the minimalism and into something more playful and exciting. This collection, for me, was something similar to her Red and Black collection she released last year which also had a minimal touch to it. A splash of color maybe ? Or perhaps more prints ? Something a bit more exciting would be great.
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