Designers open studio

Published in The Fiji Times (8/5/2015)
By Talebula Kate  


LOCAL designers Anton Conway Wye and Michael Mausio have teamed up and opened their studio Golden Thread where both their labels will be produced.

In a statement, the duo revealed they teamed up because they realised they worked better together and pushed each other to the limits.

They also both needed each other's skills to benefit each other. The duo said the studio was a means to make ends meet and they wanted to take designing seriously and needed a good working space to work in.

The productions of both their labels "ACW" and "Mausio Designs" will be produced at their studio (GT) instead of outsourcing and funds will be circulated back into their own labels.

The designers who are former Marist Brothers High School students also said they had a wide range of clients.

"We don't just deal with one, we cater for all markets" said Mr Wye.

The duo also realise their clients are always looking for something special to wear for a special occasion.

"Evening wear is more prominent for us because we have a lot clients that request made-to- measure outfits for special occasions" said Mr Mausio.

Both Michael and Anton are looking at tapping into the "Ready to Wear" market and hope to expand their studio into a factory in their five-year plan.

They are also looking forward to another successful season at FJFW15 and agree that it's a great marketing platform for emerging designers.

Last year Anton's label ACW teamed up with emerging designer Alex Ligairi to put together their collection "ePOP".

"Actually people approach us to collaborate with them, we have nothing to lose because we already have our own labels established, collaborating with other designers is just another way of tapping into a different market" said the duo.

Golden Thread's studio is located at Maharaj Place, Tamavua.

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