Fashion Trade Show

 Published in The Fiji Times 

By Talebula Kate 


FIJI Fashion Week this year will feature merchandise booths in Cabana style featuring the designer collections, jewellery and a makeup and hair touch up booth including a bar and restaurant.

This will be available during the after party along with the Rako Band and Dance group.

Fiji Fashion Week director Ellen Whippy-Kinght made a crucial decision to return the show to the Vodafone Arena because of its industrial feel, size and versatility.

"Fashion shows are essentially a trade show, as it is a working live event space is essential. A working room, think of a factory churning out product, likewise a fashion show is churning out hundreds of garments per hour and to do this effectively we need a 30-metre runway to parade the designer's collections after all that is the name of the game as they say," Ms Whippy-Knight said.

"It is crucial to the development of the industry to be able to allow those who cannot afford to buy a ticket yet have potential to be a designer to be part of this premier event and that is why the Vodafone Arena is perfect for FJFW to meet its objectives," she added.

The sporting stadium is the perfect venue for this year's Fiji Fashion Week due to its high ceilings where industrial trusses are suspended along the beams to hang specialised runway lighting and sound equipment, a statement revealed.

The expansive floor space allows a special tiered seating stadium to be built to accommodate 700 guests who are able to view the garments at a close range with the assistance of huge LED screens installed to amplify models as they strut down the runway.

The actual stadium seating at the top half of the stadium is given away to women's community groups, students interested in fashion and design and industry stakeholders so fashion is spread throughout the community.

The arena will be given an elegant touch by the Party & Event Hire team led by Kim Beddoes.

Ms Beddoes said her job was to style the party area with an elegant white understated feel with vintage chandeliers, billowing white chiffon drapes, where guests can relax and chill out before and after the show.

She said with the date shifted to this month and the redesign of the floor plan, it was expected that the arena would be cool with even a chill in the air.

The Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week is held at Carriage Works where in a former life it was the factory where they built the Sydney Trains and Trams.

Many international shows are held in industrial warehouses and even in supermarkets suach as the previous Chanel Spring Summer collection because of the space and the contrast it gives to the carefully crafted Designer collections.

Ticket sales are strong and Ms Whippy-Knight expects a sellout of each event.

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