Feelings on paper

By Loata Waqanivavalagi

Published in The Fiji Times, Saturday, September 21, 2013

ELENI Veronica Tikoduadua, a Form Five student of Suva Grammar School is a first time entrant into the MHCC Fiji Fashion Week Student Designer Show 2013.

"I love fashion and I have always been sketching so this will be my first time taking part in the student designer competition," said Eleni.

The Ra native said she always loved drawing and used it as a way of expressing herself. Eleni's drawing has influenced her subject choice — she is a Technical Science student and hopes to be an architect.

"I love to draw my feelings and put it on paper. I want to be an architect because I love to draw," she said.

Although a first-timer, Eleni is confident that her designs will rival those of reigning Student Designer of the Year, Helena Rosi Talei, also of Suva Grammar School.

"When I saw Helena on your tickets, I realised I could do that too. I wasn't ready to enter last year but this year, I feel that I am. My best friends also encouraged me quite strongly to enter this year's competition when I showed them my sketches," Eleni said.

"My friends looked at my sketches and told me that I was very good so here I am trying out. I always tell myself to do what I want to do and follow my heart so I guess this is what I'm doing."

Eleni and all students taking part in the competition have to submit three looks which means five garments in the competition. The garments have to be submitted by Friday September 27 for judging and the final judging takes place when students from the respective schools model the designs.

Fiji Fashion Week events manager Atelaite Cama said the company had extended closing dates for this year's Student Designer calls. Ms Cama said the FJFW team had been visiting schools and conducting awareness with several schools all year long, so they expected this year's educational component of the MHCC FJFW to be bigger and better.

"Our company is committed to fashion education and what better place to start then with school children. Students around the country have shown an intense interest and dedication to their fashion creation," Ms Cama said.

"Students of Art and Home Economics in the school system continue to enquire with us about opportunities for their children. We are working hard to convince the authorities and education providers of the value of formal fashion education."

The Student Designers Show will be staged at midday on Saturday October 5, at the Vodafone Arena in Suva. There are currently 12 schools around the country registered to compete for the title of Student Designer of the Year.

"This is usually a sellout show for us, every year we run out of tickets for this show. We have no doubt that this year's student designer show will be bigger and better as we have seen a lot of competition between these young and talented designers," Ms Cama said.

* Loata Waqanivavalagi is a media intern at Fiji Fashion Week.

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