Fiji Fashion Week Launch Report

Fiji Fashion Week has had its Launch for 2012 and Managing Director, Ellen Whippy-Knight says this was the most successful launch so far in terms of target market turnout, look and feel of the event, ticket launch, results of the launch and media coverage. “We certainly achieved our objectives” due to the amount of business we picked as a result of the Launch.

Incredibly this is the 5th consecutive year of Fiji Fashion Week and it is obvious that this event just gets bigger and better each year.

The Suva Civic Centre was transformed into a jungle as vines hung from the ceilings and tables and other tropical vegetation and sky high plants dotted the interior. Blue and green colour washes were spread around the room highlighting the plants and taking the focus off the rather dilapidated state of our Town Hall.

With the bar tables wrapped in white fabric that were topped with a trio of delicate hand made candle holders, guests could not believe the transformation.

However the icing on the cake so to speak were the glamorously dressed VIP set - Suva women are just taking the lead when it comes to dressing up so much so that they could be at any event anywhere in the world!

The success of such an event is based on who attends. There were 8 representatives from the various embassies in Suva, many corporate, international organisations such us UNDP representation, the whose who of Suva and most importantly our valued sponsors of whom we are eternally grateful too. What an excellent turnout for FJFW in terms of branding, awareness and recognition and future growth.

Our first guest speaker was the French Ambassador, His Excellencv Mr Gilles Montagnier (see attached speech) for his encouraging words on the effect the fashion industry has on the French economy ONLY 32 billion euros which equates to 49 billion Fiji Dollars per year!

Then there was the heart wrenching success story of Established Plus Size Designer Moira Solvalu who has an extremely successful on line fashion business propelled by her participation in Fiji Fashion Week.

For the first time we introduced all the Designers for the various shows, Tribe Echoes of the Pacific, Established Designers, MHCC Emerging Designer Shows and this too proved to be the right thing to do as it put a face to the names and a reality touch to the shows.

There were so many highlights which climaxed with Robert Kennedy( inhouse Designer for Tappoo), winner of Established Designer of the Year 2012, showing his 2012 Fiji Market collection which he launched in Honiara Solomon Islands during the Pacific Festival of Arts in July.

Fosters put on a great bar, Tracey Powell & Lara Chung put on great food, Kulture played some good old numbers and with the great guest speakers it set the scene for a great celebration.

Lastly thanks especially to Isireli, the Property Manager of the Suva Civic Centre who approved the use of the hall at 4.30pm the day before when we had to do a quick change from the Playhouse due to bad weather.

Thank you all, the tickets are on sale from our office now and there is an early bird special! Our next event is the Crest Chicken Salwaar Kameez competition which will be held at the Suva Civic Centre on Saturday 1 September 2012 at 10am to 1pm. All welcome for a good day out and supporting our local grass roots emerging designers!!

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