FJFW Designers

Published in The Fiji Times (7/05/2015)

by Talebula Kate 


THE Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) has been successful over the years in terms of the development of designers.

FJFW managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight said because of the interest and the impact FJFW has had on designers, it now had up to 70 designers participating in this year's show.

"When we look back at how that's developed, in the first show we had 12 designers and only eight years later, we've got 70 designers," Ms Whippy-Knight said.

She said these were active designers and not just people who came and designed only for a night.

"They've got businesses, they are looking for markets, they are looking for orders and they are becoming commercial," she said.

Ms Whippy-Knight said out of that 70, 40 per cent of them were actually running their own businesses and designs.

"They actually have their little studios and are making money out of it," she said.

Ms Whippy-Knight said many of them were seeking formal education because they now realised that raw talent was not enough.. 

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