FJFW seeks new faces

Published in The Fiji Times Friday, May 01, 2015

By Talebula Kate



FRESH faces every year for Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) is an important component of the show.

FJFW managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight highlighted this in a statement while releasing its "new faces" campaign yesterday.

"I am really excited about our new models because great models make a great show," Ms Whippy-Knight said.

According to Ms Whippy-Knight, Fiji is famous for its diverse races and cultures therefore, the country had a unique look.

She said the global fashion market was always searching for new faces.

FJFW's model co-ordinator Meliki Temo said FJFW had an intensive model casting call calendar at the beginning of the year.

"It's hard turning away these beautiful girls but at the end of the day it's my responsibility to make sure we have the best models for our designers to help them market their label," Ms Temo said.

Ms Whippy-Knight said it was not just the look of a model that was important, but the walk, the attitude and much more.

"It's the 'it factor' FJFW is looking for because they (models) need to ooze confidence, the people need to feel it on the catwalk and it needs to be captured on camera, that's what sells clothes and essentially the brand," she said.

FJFW tickets can be purchased at the FJFW office at 72 McGregor Rd.

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