FJFW16 grabs wider internet audience

Show grabs wider internet audience

Charlene Lanyon, Fiji Times
Monday, September 12, 2016

THIS year's Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) has reached a wider internet audience with the introduction of vlogs (video blog) to its online presence.

FJFW bloggers Elisha Bano-Mow and Aatika Patel for the first time produced video content of designers that showcased their labels at the annual fashion show.

Ms Bano-Mow said they explored how youth were involved in the industry, highlighting some of their challenges, success and advises for others entering or interested in the fashion industry.

"Fashion is an interesting industry and although I am no fashion designer, I love to sew and I am also very passionate about youth empowerment," Ms Bano-Mow said.

"We have been talking about the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and how the fashion industry ties into it and this week we will be discovering just that.

"I look forward to talking to the youth involved in this industry and highlighting some of their innovations and creativity."

Ms Patel added that the event was a creative area that enabled important issues to be highlighted.

"When you think about decent work and employment, economic growth and innovation, these are all from the SDGs or sustainable development goals and we are here to explore how these tie in with Fiji Fashion Week," Ms Patel said.

The duo are also part of the advocacy through creative techniques (ACT) youth empowerment group.

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