Hani's Pacific Touch

Published in The Fiji Times 

Talebula Kate
Thursday, May 14,2015


POLYNESIAN designer Hani Haring of the Tahitian fashion house, Hani Haring (HH) Creations returns this year to the Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW).

With a touch of Pacific elegance that definitely has a Polynesian signature, Hani Haring Creations is a collection inspired by Polynesians for men and women.

Haring, who was raised in Moorea, Tahiti, enjoys dancing and working on traditional costumes and crafts and is no stranger to FJFW.

She won the "Vahine Tahiti" for two consecutive years and she then went on to study fashion at the Higher Institute of Applied Arts in Paris for five years.

The pieces are light, comfortable and are based to vintage island fabrics.

In grains of inspirations, the house offers unique creations, handmade in the workshop of Moorea using different concepts each time.

HH provides an array of pieces, which are dynamically thought through before production takes place. The house of Hani Haring offers real services by providing the opportunity to choose from a selection of mottled fabrics and most importantly by giving the possibility of creating a more unique garment.

"Our collection name is "Dis-moi oui", we are going to present 15 unique looks, and we will try to show the best work of our fashion house" said Haring

This year's collections will is divided into three parts of five garments that will have distinct looks.

"There will be five looks of 'coconut milk', only in white, with laces, embroideries, white silk, looks for chill out on the beach, chic and casual, the other five looks will have shells, black pearls, pearl shell, using handcraft work for the incrustation of all the material, and we will use our unique tie-dyed fabrics handmade in our workshop and of course our five wedding looks," said Haring.

Updating today's taste with Polynesian cultural flowered fabric is the real motto of Hani Haring Creations.

Haring will be showing at FJFW Couture Resort, Bridal and Evening Show on May 30 at the Vodafone Arena.

Tickets are available at 72 McGregor Rd or the Damodar City Centre Food Court.


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