Jewel meet a hit

(b)(i)By Dawn Gibson (/b)(/i) The Fiji Times, Saturday, July 27, 2013 A SERIES of jewellery-making workshops which began this year has resulted in the emergence of some interesting locally-made jewellery. The workshop, titled Jewellery Making Workshop Program, is run by the Fiji Arts Council and the Tutu Training Centre, and aims to use local materials to create quality local jewellery to be sold in the Fijian market. In a statement released by the Arts Council yesterday, it explained the workshop series also hosted one of the country's most renowned designers. "In the most recent five-day workshop, Fijian contemporary designer Robert Kennedy taught the participants design skills, encouraging them to draw upon themselves and create jewellery in their own unique style," the statement read. "The aim of each workshop is to encourage and support participants to create high quality jewellery that is unique, beautiful and bold, using local materials to capture the Fijian style and spirit." During some of these sessions, participants were encouraged to look within themselves and think about their cultural roots in order to derive inspiration for their different pieces. Support for the program has come in from PIPSO, the Department of National Heritage, Culture and Arts and also from Tappoo, and the Arts Council is encouraging more to participate in upcoming workshops.

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