Lovell steps out of her bubble

Published in The Fiji Times
By Talebula Kate 
ASPIRING model Serena Talei Lovell has never regretted joining the Vou Dance group.
By doing so, the 17-year-old Yat Sen School student gained a lot of confidence from being a shygirl who never put her hand up to answer a question or do anything in front of a crowd.
"When I joined the Vou group, I was taught self confidence, stepping outside my bubble, expressing feelings and emotion by dance, action and words," Lovell said.
Lovell, who has come a long way in overcoming that shyness, now sets her sights on modelling for Fiji Fashion Week 15.
She took a chance to try out for the auditions, which proved successful.
"Now it's about learning the walks, fashion, organising of events, time taken to prepare, meeting new people and so on," added Lovell.
FJFW kicks off on May 25, 2015 at the Vodafone Arena. VIP tickets presales begin this month. For bookings, contact the FJFW office on 3301201/7088896 or email
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