Major Fashion Trends

A model sporting digitally-printed fashion. Picture: MALEIKA HALPIN

Major fashion trends

Ellen Whippy-Knight
Saturday, May 04, 2013

So that an individual statement can be attributed to each deserving designer a dissection process takes place by trawling through hundreds of images with a fine tooth comb and matching them with prose that best describes each collection.

Aurelio Costarello with this fine couture line was the ideal way to start the (Australia Mercedz Benz Fashion) week, immediately following was Bec and Bridge a gorgeous collection of chic elegant dresses and separates.

There were lots of bold statement pieces, sequins, sheers, satins and beautiful airy fairy whispy silk. The dresses were slim, slender and fitting so stylish and appropriate for that fun out there "it girl"!

I went on and saw, Flannell, Ellery, my favourite Manning Cartell, Lisa Ho at the NSW Art Gallery at 9am on a cold windy day which highlighted her elegant sleek evening wear and many many more until Thursday night ending with Phoenix Keating, a 21-year-old designer who is doing absolutely amazing work way beyond his years, his maturity is obvious and his design work is so avante garde and totally out of this world. That's why Lady Gaga owns a few of his pieces.

It is very difficult to pick one particular trend, there are so many.

The standout is the futuristic look but still with feminine silhouettes, think extraterrestrial and Star Trek and you are on track.

The outfits are mainly structured and closely fitted, there are panels, cuffs, metal buttons and trimmings in gold, bronze and silver.

Digitally printed fabric introduced in 2012 is still huge.

Many designers have collaborated with famous Australian artists to borrow their imagery to transfer to fabric. Panelling of this fabric by fine cuts and clever contouring are a major feature.

Take a digitally printed centre panel for a dress framed by block colour borders, attach an exposed zip sewn, on the outside of the dress as a feature.

Necklines feature sharp, crisp lines, the racer neck line called the "cold shoulder" in the 60s. It is trendy again expose your shoulder blades, your back and your midrift preferably not all at once but the two-piece is making a huge comeback.

Deliberately exposed bar straps are often covered by a sheer top. The Pant suit is back with matching tunic tops over slim leg pants to the ankle and so is the wide flare styled pants.

There are open slits that run down the back of the blouses and lots of cut out geometric shapes all over the dresses and tops. Even though the mini never goes out of fashion, it seems everyone is wearing them in shorts and flouncy skirts but just a bit more daring than usual.

Leather is definitely back, soft and shiny. There were dresses, bras, pants and tops they look good in whatever form, but this season you will not be considered a true fashionista unless you have something leathery in your wardrobe and I am not talking about an old boot either.

There is a real richness in the new fabrics of embossed like brocade, embroidered organza, loose mesh knits, billowy chiffons, silks, and heaven forbid crepe and crimplene the latter I espied in the most vibrant hot pink tones.

Not to forget the huge quantities of sheer, shimmery, gossamer fabric in leggings, pants, tops and long sheer dresses with short skirt lining on the inside.

Evening gowns glittered away with beautiful fine glass beading and even Swarovski crystals.

The dominant colours in this palette is not limited rather it is a mixed bag of natural nudes, bold pinks, blues and mandarin, yellows but stripes with floral colours,

When another fantastic design duo Bless'ed are the Meek started their show with a film by Artist Murray Fredericks featuring the iconic Australian landscape showcasing a collection of athletica and sports luxe in a monochromatic palette highlighted with original digital prints, it brought home the fact that to be a designer you have to be an artist and have creative and innovative as your first name and surname.

It is a business that is beautiful to look at but you have to be better than just good to survive and only a few do.

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