Masters of Fiji Fashion to put on Show


New show to promote best designers

Dawn Gibson
Thursday, May 30, 2013

FJFW will soon launch a brand new show ­— the Master Designer Show — which will feature MHCC FJFW's executive director Ellen Whippy-Knight's pick of Fiji's best designers.

The brand new event, which Mrs Whippy-Knight describes as "something I've always wanted to do", will be launched next month alongside the launch of the MHCC FJFW.

"The Master Designer Show is my personal pick of the 10 top designers in business at the moment, mainly in Suva," Mrs Whippy-Knight said.

She said it was also a pointer to what the show would be producing at next year's fashion show.

"The show will be very simple. Each designer will be presenting six pieces each and it's going to be really exciting.

"It's a brand new show and we're now going to do it every year. It brings attention to the designers, it creates awareness and also public interest into the fashion industry."

She explained that entrants would be picked from the country's current established designers as well as a few emerging designers.

"I can't pick anybody who has never been in the fashion week before, so I'll be choosing from people who have at some stage in their life been in fashion week."

Mrs Whippy-Knight added this year's entries in particular had also showed high levels of skill, as well as more work on personalised patterns.

"There has been a remarkable turn around on the quality of the samples. It has been a wonderful surprise to see such high standards in the finished work of these samples.

"A few of the designers have even gone to the extent of designing their own prints by using a process called 'sublimation' where the designs are heat pressed onto the fabric.

"The designers have submitted prints they have designed themselves which means they now own this look and could potentially print thousands of metres with their original looks for sale."

Both shows will be launched on June 6 in Suva.

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