Models strike a pose(Fiji Times Online)

Models strike a pose

Timoci Vula
Friday, November 11, 2011

NINETEEN-year-old Elena Luvenitoga is not banking on her laurels in last year's Fiji Fashion Week show with a day to go before she struts her catwalk on the runway for this year's show.

Miss Luvenitoga was the Model of the Year for Fiji Fashion Week 2010 held at the Boron House in Suva ù attributed to the consistency in her catwalk.

"I am good at my walk but this year, there is a lot of competition because we have some models from overseas," she said.

"But for me, it's going to be better this year," she added.

Miss Luvenitoga will catwalk designs from 13 local and international designers participating in the FJFW show, scheduled to begin with the children's show at TappooCity tomorrow.

She said her secret to doing a good walk and eloquently displaying the designs was to put her head up and walk a straight line.

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