Nina Vodo walks the talk - and the catwalk(Fiji Times Online)

Nina Vodo walks the talk - and the catwalk

Samisoni Nabilivalu
Friday, November 11, 2011

THE benign smile, long legs, and curves to rival a grand prix racetrack conceal a tough mental attitude.

And an attitude that model Nina Vodo said one needed to handle the sometimes harsh requirements of modelling.

In recalling the experience of trying out for TV's America's Next top Model, Ms Vodo said: "What I got out of that is that this is the modelling industry, you put yourself out there in front of people to literally judge you, I mean it's just that kind of industry.

"You stand there and you just hope that you're as perfect and as physically up to their standards as you can be. Then they're going to ask you questions to see if your brain can match the way you look.

"At the end of the day, you can only wish that people will like you and if not, hopefully you're thick skinned enough to just walk away from it and hope that it didn't break you down because some people sometimes take it to the extremes."

Ms Vodo, who has received an associate's degree from a community college and plans to pursue a degree in fashion merchandising when she returns to America, also shed light on the influence fashion shows like Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) had on young women's lives from a models perspective.

"I definitely think these shows have a big effect on the girls but I think it's more of a personal choice, I mean everyone at the end of the day has their own right to have their own choice so I really think it depends on the person and how badly they want it."

Ms Vodo said she thought local girls would "have it even tougher" with some depending on how desperate they were even going to the extremes especially in a country like Fiji where eating was very much encouraged.

Realistically, Ms Vodo said in a place like the US, it did come down to standards and sizes that one had to fit in order to be "that kind of model".

"...Especially runway models, they have to be really skinny like we see on TV and if a girl chooses to get to that point, it is up to them. It also depends on who you work for.

"I don't know how all modelling agencies work but its something like 'here's your size, here's what you need to be at the end of the year and however you choose to get there is really up to you' so I really think it's up to the person but the pressure is there'."


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