Overseas Designers for Fashion Show

Published in The Fiji Times 29/3/2015

By Talebula Kate 



THE Fiji Fashion Week 2015 will for the first time feature overseas designers including four Aboriginal designers and models by Adi Vaciseva Ratu Nale of Fern Events in Australia.

FJFW director Ellen Whippy Knight said this year's show had an exciting line-up because of the designers coming in from around the globe as well as local designers who were now in the middle of production of their respective collections.

"I was in Australia over the weekend and saw the fabulous photo shoot of these Aboriginal designers and I think they're a perfect fit for FJFW," Ms Whippy-Knight said.

She said this was a very exciting breakthrough for FJFW because for the first time they had great interest from overseas designers to participate in the show and it's a great indicator that FJFW was on the global platform.

Designer Jadeine Whiteside, who is studying for her masters in Fashion and Design in China, will be showing her range for the first time.

"Jadeine is walking in the footsteps of her famous grandparents who were the first Fijians to put out a fashion line, the famous 'Tiki Togs' brand," she said.

FJFW patrons can also look forward to seeing other expert Fijian designers such as Jyoti Singh and Marika Deku who both studied Fashion and Design in Australia.

Lena Burton, an American designer is fresh off the runway of LA Fashion Week and will be featuring in the Resort and Couture shows. 



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