Promoting local designers

 Published in The Fiji Times 

Atasa Moceituba 


FASHION is all about helping young designers get somewhere.

And with 10 days left for this year's Fiji Fashion Week show, managing director Ellen Whippy-Knight believes she can use this year's show to promote upcoming designers in the fashion industry.

To her, the show is all about promoting local designers.

In order to do that Ms Whippy-Knight said the country needed to find career designers.

She said one of the main reasons why they promoted the show and got young people involved in the fashion industry was because the country had the potential to produce designers.

"We have everything in here, we just need the right people to mentor these kids," Ms Whippy-Knight said.

She said they had asked the Education Minister if fashion classes could be made compulsory in schools as this was a way to promote and boost the fashion industry.

"Every year I see these new kids and I help them as much as I can, whether it's financially or advice, how to go about startingbusiness and things like that."

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