Show will go on

Money for show

Dawn Gibson
Sunday, May 26, 2013

"THE show will go on."

These were the sentiments of a very happy MHCC FJFW executive director Ellen Whippy-Knight on Friday after confirmation that funding problems for this year's show had been resolved.

"We have managed to get more corporate sponsorship and we have also managed to get Vodafone Fiji on board now, all of which is absolutely great," Mrs Whippy-Knight revealed.

She said that although the show had looked "very doubtful" earlier on in the year because of funding issues, it was sure to forge ahead in October.

"The fashion week is definitely on its way back because we did manage to attract sponsorship which will make a difference and will certainly allow FJFW to carry on.

"We're really happy about this and we can't wait to get moving again," she said.

Mrs Whippy-Knight added the show was also introducing a brand new item — the Master Designer Show.

"This show is my personal pick of the top designers in business in Suva at the moment, so it's all really exciting and it's really happening.

"It also gives you an insight into what we'll be producing into the next fashion week and it's my special pick."

The MHCC FJFW will be officially launched on July 6.

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