Social networking effective

By Torika Tokalau

Published in The Sunday Times, October 13, 2013

LOCAL emerging designer Rosie Isaac finds it easier selling her garments on social networking sites.

Rosie, who featured for the first time this year in the MHCC Fiji Fashion Week, said selling her garments in markets or shops had not been easy.

"From my experience I have found that I reach more people on Facebook than I do anywhere else," Rosie said.

"Through my Facebook page, I have a larger audience through family and friends, and through word of mouth.

She featured her Mokali collection at the Emerging Designers show, showcasing 12 garments targeted for mature women from 35-55 years.

"I didn't want to limit the style because it can also be worn by young women who want to have that feel of maturity, not just to look glamorous but also feel that sense of confidence."

She loved the experience she gained from the FJFW and said she looked forward to next year's event.

"However, I still feel there should be a fashion school established because it's really hard finding seamstresses and tailors who can sew us the kind of garments we want, that particular stitch, the cuts and right techniques."


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