Students rise up to challenge

Published in The Fiji Times (8.5.15)
by Talebula Kate 


 THREE students of Nausori High School are ready to showcase a month's sacrifice of designing and sewing for this year's FJFW Student Designer Show.

Ashif Hussein, Priyanka Kaajal and Shaista Khan's designs are themed on "mother nature".

Shaista Khan from Nausori is designing in this competition for the first time.

"I am excited and it's a lot of work but I am glad to be part of the team," Ms Khan said.

On the other hand, Priyanka will be competing for the second time.

"In the first year I had modelled and now I am working as a designer," Ms Kaajal said.

In this year's competition, she expects the designs to be presentable and perfectly done.

"This year we are focusing on our collection, it should all have similar fabric and patterns," Ms Kaajal added.

Mr Hussein will be competing as a designer for the third time.

"Our collection is something to look forward to," he said.

The student aims to either become a chef or a fashion designer.

"It's either you win it or leave it," he said.

The three designers found it challenging to balance their time at school and the competition especially with the financing of their collection.

They were grateful for the support their parents have given to them throughout the competition.

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