Tailor turns childhood dream into reality

 Published in The Fiji Times - 03/07/2015

By: Mavuku Tokona 


YOU may have taken a selfie before but have you gone to Selfie?

It's the latest clothing outlet along Waimanu Rd that provides a wide range of clothing options for ages between 16 and 40 years.

Owner of the establishment Yogesh Tailor said, "I was born in India but when I was in Class 8 I became interested in sewing clothes and designing them," he said.

Mr Tailor said while growing up his family was really poor so he couldn't buy any fabric and thread to sew and pursue his new found passion — so the Class 8 student started sewing his friend's clothes as they approached him for mending.

Now Mr Tailor owns a garment factory in Toorak and a clothing outlet in Suva plus a business in India.

Mr Tailor, who has been living in Fiji for 30 years, said he had won six awards from a fashion competition organised by the Red Cross Society in 2001 which automatically made him the first and only person to win six awards at one time.

Fiji Fashion Week social media co-ordinator David Solomone said it would be highly unlikely for anyone to win so many awards with the FJFW. "I do a lot of hardwork and all the designs come from my mind," Mr Tailor shared as he spoke of plans to expand his business with capital not being an issue but finding the right labour could be a potential hurdle.

"I tell my friends who are still working for other people, start your business so you can grow."

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