Top Pacific designers compete under one roof


Published in The Fiji Times, Tuesday, September 17, 2013

THE opening night of the Fiji Fashion Week will be one of the biggest shows of the annual event in October.

The Echoes of the Pacific will feature top designers from around the Pacific including Cook Islands, Samoa and Fiji.

FFW Ltd public and media relations manager Lice Movono-Rova said they had included three other designers from Asia, Indonesia and India.

"TAV from Cook Islands, Mena from Samoa, Hupfeld Hoerder and Robert Kennedy from Fiji and two other top designers from the Pacific will feature on the opening night."

She said all the designers will also be competing, a first for the FFW.

"In the past we have always invited them to only showcase their collections but this year, their designs go straight into the competition. We feel that the Fiji Fashion Week now is a great platform for our local designers to gauge themselves with their other Pacific and overseas counterparts."

The Echoes of the Pacific show will be held on October 3.

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