Tuibeqa stamps his mark


Losalini Bolatagici, Fiji Times
Monday, September 12, 2016

FASHION designer Epeli Tuibeqa once again stamped his mark in the fashion industry after he was named the 2016 Rising Star Award winner at the Fiji Fashion Week last Saturday night.

Mr Tuibeqa's designs, under the label Kui Viti, were liked by many and received loud cheers and applause from the crowd.

"The win is for all the designers out there. I am so thankful that it validates the work that I do in trying to preserve our culture, the land and the people and all that we possess," Mr Tuibeqa said.

He said through designing, people who were not good with their work academically could still produce better and become successful.

He plans to open a boutique in the near future where he will be able to showcase his designs.

He hopes his Kui Viti designs will become a household brand in the country as well as overseas just like Mena designs of Samoa.

Mr Tuibeqa also hopes to expand his career further.

Meanwhile, Hupfeld Hoerder received the Textile Designer of the Year award.

He was also given a Special Award as well as the Established Designer Award.

The Model of the Year award was given to Serenia Raura.

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