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Pedro is Fashion Ambassador

 Its Official! International celebrity photographer Pedro Virgil is Fiji Fashion Week’s International Brand Ambassador, a partnership which opens up doors for Fiji to the fashion elite of the world.

Virgil, an Australian national with Fijian roots has worked on Australian Idol, Australia’s Next Top Model, Caribbean’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, four very well known reality TV shows which feature rising starts in fashion and entertainment.

Fiji Fashion Week Managing Director Ellen Whippy-Knight told show sponsors and members of the media at the formal announcement about Pedro that her company had been trying to contact Mr Virgil for years.

Mrs Whippy-Knight said it having Pedro over for the MHCC FJFW 2013 was a dream come true and one that the company would never have been able to do on their own.

Pedro Virgil comes to Fiji through a partnership between FJFW and Fiji’s national airline, Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji.

Fiji Airways said of the partnership that the company aligned itself with Fiji Fashion Week because it believed in Fijian creativity.

“Fiji Airways is a big fan and supporter of Fijian creativity and ingenuity in various fields. The MHCC Fiji Fashion Week has become a great platform from which to showcase the talents of Fijian designers and Fijian models,”  Fiji Airways said.

“We are delighted to be able to support MHCC Fiji Fashion Week by bringing over Pedro Virgil, who has Fijian roots, to be a key part of this year’s event.”

“We are a proud Fijian airline, and we’re very proud of the achievements of the Fiji Fashion Week as a Fijian brand, as well as the achievements of Fijians like Pedro.”

Fiji Fashion Week made contact after Pedro was featured in newspapers in Australia for having become a judge on the Caribbean franchise of the Tyra Bank’s reality TV franchise; America’s Next Top Model.

“He is very popular in Australia and I had heard a rumour a few years back that he was Fijian but I didn’t believe it, the guy is very good!” Mrs Whippy-Knight said.

“When we finally did get in touch with him socially, to congratulate him on the wonderful achievement of being on Tyra Banks show, we were in for a huge shock.”

Mr Virgil told FJFW that he too had been watching their work and expressed his delight on the company’s work in developing Fiji Fashion. He told guests via a video that was played at the announcement that he was very happy to be working with FJFW.

“I too have been following FFW over the last few years and have been impressed with its steady growth and international reach. I would be more than delighted to be a part of FJFW. I have been wanting to bring my experience and craft to FIJI, for a while now as I believe that I can certainly help make a difference in terms of how FIJI is perceived on the international market, not only as a great tourist destination, but also as a growing nation that has talent, beauty, inspiring and unique people, amazing culture and most of allthe ablility make its own mark on the international fashion/photographic/beauty and sporting industry,” Pedro said.

“Fashion, Beauty and sport are my major areas of expertise and i know that I can definitely take what FIJI has to offer and set it as a benchmark on an international level as well.”

As its International Brand Ambassador, Pedro works on lifting Fiji Fashion Week’s visibility on a world scale namely through business development, international media placement and networking.

“I will bring all that I can through my craft to collaborate with Fiji Fashion Week for the betterment of Fiji,” Pedro said.

“I accept this appointment with the greatest happiness and excitement.”

Fiji Fashion Week has partnered with ground handlers, Pacific Destinationz to ensure Pedro's experience and that of every other international guest coming to the MHCC Fiji Fashion Week truly captures the Fijian hospitality experience.

FJFW Managing Director said FJFW was humbled that when it came to an exercise as expensive as bringing a successful fashion personality from the fashion cities of the world, that the tourism industry banded together to make Pedro's 'Homecoming Tour' possible.

"We have so many companies to thank, our national carrier Fiji Airways, our tourism authority Tourism Fiji, our official ground handler namely Pacific Destinationz and other tourism partner Rosie Holidays, Fiji Fashion thanks you."



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                     Lice Movono-ROVA, Fiji Fashion Week PR Manager

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