Media Coverage:
Our Media Partners are The Fiji Times Ltd, Fiji Television Ltd, Communications Fiji Ltd and Mai Life Magazine. Information about our events can be found on their mediums.

However, more information can be found in various sections of the website.
- News stories and press releases as well as feature length stories can be found in the News Page.
- Photos of the 2011 , 2012show, as well as previous events can be found in the Gallery. High Resolution photographs are available on request.
- Information about the designers including the line up and individual night programmes can be found on the Designers section.
- Individual designer bio will be updated as they become available.

Media Passes:
To get a pass to cover all MHCC FJFW events, newsrooms and media organisations are requested to allocate specific journalists and photographers to cover the event. Special consideration is given media partners and those photographers who have signed Agreements giving us access to their photographs.

Press passes are non-transferable. Press Passes give you specific access to specific areas of The Vodafone Arena, where MHCC Fiji Fashion Week 2013 is being held. Please send the details about your FJFW coverage teams to the Public Relations Manager, Lice Movono-Rova on 

The Media Accreditation Form can also be found here: MEDIA ACCREDITATION FORMS

Any and all media enquiries must be sent to or Lice Movono-Rova, 72 MacGregor Road, Suva, Fiji. Telephone: +6797088819